Examples of Renewable Resources: Our Energy Future

Examples of Renewable Resources

The era of renewable energy has arrived. It’s cheaper now than ever before to generate electricity from solar, wind, hydropower and other examples of renewable resources, catapulting them from fringe options to the fastest-growing energy resources in the country. In the first nine months of 2015, 62 percent of new electricity in the United States came from examples of renewable resources. Of that, almost 15 percent came from solar power!

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Installing Solar: The Best Way to Invest $15k

Solar: the best way to investWhat if there was a way to diversify your investments and simultaneously gain a greater annual return with lower volatility? If you have $15k, installing a solar energy system on your rooftop is the best way to invest it. Solar provides a low-risk mix of cost savings and additional income, and portfolios that include solar can outperform a more standard investment portfolio.

Most American investors have similar goals for their portfolios. The average investor seeks to achieve the highest risk-adjusted returns as possible, and also include a mix of asset classes to protect against market fluctuations. With these goals in mind, recent advances in solar energy technology have effectively created a new ‘asset class’ for investors to consider. Investing in a solar energy system for your home can turn $15,000 into more than $115,000 dollars over a 20-year period. We’ll walk you through the math.

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Health & Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Benefits of solar energyHomeowners and utilities alike are choosing solar energy at a faster rate than ever before in the United States. The explosive growth of solar power is partly a result of the falling cost of solar panels. Rebates and incentives have also contributed to the United States’ biggest year ever for solar. But decreasing costs are only one of the many benefits of solar energy. You can also improve your health and protect the environment by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and installing a solar energy system at your home or business.

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Net Metering Battles: Massachusetts

Net Metering: Massachusetts

This post is the third in a blog mini-series that will explain the various net metering battles occurring across the United States. Previous pieces in the series covered California and Hawaii.

Net metering battles aren’t restricted to warm, sunny states like California and Hawaii. Just take a look at recent net metering discussions in Massachusetts, known for its cold, New England winters. As state utilities begin to hit their net metering caps, policymakers, solar installers, and industry advocates are all weighing in on the best way to move forward. The issue is coming to a head this month as the Massachusetts House of Representatives sets a goal to make a decision before formal sessions are put on hold until 2016.

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