Green Power Explained

Green power explained

Generating your own electricity with solar panels is the most direct way to support renewable energy, and it offers significant savings for homeowners. If you install solar panels on your home, you can reduce your electricity bill, protect against rising energy costs, and increase your property value.

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However, installing solar on your roof is a big investment, and in order to make it happen, you either need to own your home or get buy-in from your landlord. Luckily, if you rent or your home isn’t suitable for solar, there are other ways to boost U.S. energy independence and protect the environment without installing solar onsite. One option that has been gaining momentum is community solar, where you can purchase a portion of solar panels in a large solar energy installation. But maybe you’re not ready to make an investment in solar – perhaps you’re not yet a homeowner, or perhaps you’re planning to move shortly. If that sounds like you, you should look into buying green power. Continue reading

What is PACE Financing for Home Solar Power?

PACE financing for solar

If you want to install a solar energy system on your property, one of the first questions you’ve probably asked is, “How will I pay for it?” There are many financing options available today for homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of solar. In many areas, an increasingly popular option for home energy improvements like solar is property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing.

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Commercial Solar Benefits for Business

Commercial solar benefits for business

If you’re a business owner, installing a solar energy system might seem like a risky move in a complex and confusing market. You may have heard about major Fortune 500 companies going solar, but thought that it might not be feasible for your organization. Maybe you’re considering installing solar panels at some point in the distant future, when your organization can afford to make a major investment in something that seems like an environmental “good” rather than a strategic financial decision.

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Solar Power Installation in Less Than a Minute

Have you ever wondered what the solar power installation process looks like? Check out EnergySage’s new time-lapse video, Solar Installation in Less Than a Minute, to see one of EnergySage’s pre-screened solar installers assemble a 6.7 kW solar energy system on a home in Newton, Massachusetts. The happy homeowners now save $2,250 on their electricity bills every year thanks to their new solar panels, and will break even on their investment in just 5 years.

In 2015 the average solar shopper in the EnergySage Solar Marketplace offset 85.9% of their electricity usage by going solar, and will pay off their solar energy system in just 7.5 years.

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Top 5 Cities That Incentivize Solar

Caluclate Home Solar Costs
The benefits of owning a solar energy system significantly increase when you take advantage of available rebates, tax credits and incentives. This is because these incentives will reduce your upfront installation costs, and as a result accelerate your payback period – paying less up front means breaking even more quickly. These programs can reduce the upfront costs of your system by 30 to 50 percent, but vary state-by-state as well as city-by-city. Read on to see if your city is one of the top 5 cities that incentivize solar!

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