Why Is My Solar Energy System More Expensive Than My Neighbors?

blog graphics new-31When you’re installing a solar energy system, a lot of variables impact the price. Even if you and your next-door neighbor have solar systems that are the same size, you may end up paying very different prices. We’ll walk you through what variables change the price of your system so you can understand what will be the best system for you. Continue reading

EnergySage Teams Up with Green America To Help You Go Solar

ES_News-blog4EnergySage and Green America, a national nonprofit organization working to create a green economy, today announced that they have partnered to help U.S. homeowners “get all the facts” about solar adoption as well as secure the lowest possible price when purchasing quality systems. Continue reading

Solar Financing Explained

If solar financing sometimes feels like alphabet soup, you’re not alone! But EnergySage is here to help. Going solar is a lot like any other big purchase, you can lease or you can own. But you don’t have to do all your research on your own, we’ve got all the information you need about how to make going solar fit your budget. Solar financing (like housing) falls into two main categories, when you own the system or when a third party owns the system (like owning your house, or renting). Continue reading

Pope Francis: Climate Change Action is A Moral Imperative

An encyclical from Pope Francis that was due to be released this Thursday has been leaked by an Italian magazine.  The teaching letter focuses on the effects of climate change on the poor, and argues that action to mitigate its effects is a moral imperative for the world’s one billion catholics. USA Today is reporting that scientists all over the world are hailing the letter as a great step towards meaningful steps against climate change. Some, like Observatorio do Clima, a network of Brazilian climate change advocacy organizations, even see him as a superhero. (They put together this trailer for the Pontiff’s summer blockbuster.)