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solar panels increase home value EnergySage

Solar power as a home improvement strategy

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When you make improvements to your home, it’s smart to take into consideration how they will impact your home’s value. The conventional wisdom from HGTV and home improvement magazines is that updating your kitchen, renovating your bathroom, or building an addition are the smartest ways to increase the value of your property. But there’s another home improvement that you may not realize adds to your property’s value: installing a solar energy system on your roof.

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fannie mae solar

FHA and Fannie Mae agree: A solar panel system adds value to your home (if you own the system)

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Looking for Fannie Mae solar panel loans? Check out our article on the Fannie Mae Homestyle Energy Program.

Solar loans and solar financing provided by Fannie Mae have drawn major attention from homeowners as one of the new premier ways to save big withs solar panels. And one question that EnergySage receives regularly from our customers is: “Will solar panels increase the value of my property?” It is clear that the answer is already a resounding ‘yes’, and the evidence only continues to mount. We have compiled a list of studies that highlight this point, and recently wrote about Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory’s recent study showing that solar panels increase home values significantly across the US. These studies mainly look at cases where the homeowner is also the owner of the solar panel system.

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New Report From Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Incorporates EnergySage Marketplace Data

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The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) — a leading research center propelled by the motto “Bringing science solutions to the world” released its eighth Tracking the Sun report today. EnergySage’s solar marketplace data was included for the first time in this report, and is part of the Lab’s ongoing efforts to include new sources of relevant industry information.

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Worried About Payback Period of Your Clean Energy System? Don’t Be!

Reading Time: 2 minutesMany people looking into solar energy or other sources of renewable energy express concern about the payback period. It’s a common response. Recently, a friend’s 97 year-old grandfather balked at the price of a new battery for his car. As the salesman rattled off all of the batteries many features and benefits, Grandpa stopped him at the 7 year warranty. “I’m 97! What do I need a 7 year warranty for?” Wondering whether or not we’ll still be around to reap all the benefits of any particular deal is a universal reaction, especially when it comes to clean energy. Continue reading