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CleanChoice Energy vs. Community Solar

EnergySage’s Community Solar Marketplace vs. CleanChoice Energy’s Clean Electricity: which is right for you?

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While rooftop solar is a great way to lower your electric bill and support clean energy, it leaves out a key group of people: renters. According to the most recent Census Bureau data from 2019, renters encompass about 36 percent of households in the United States – and that number doesn’t include homeowners who don’t have full control over their roof because they live in a multi-family dwelling. If you fall into this category, the good news is that solutions exist for you to support clean energy, and some will even save you money. In this article, we’ll compare two alternatives to utility electricity: EnergySage’s Community Solar Marketplace (herein referred to as community solar) and CleanChoice Energy’s Clean Electricity (which we’ll call Clean Electricity). 

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President Obama Announces Clean Power Plan in Speech Today

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President Obama announced his Clean Power Plan in a speech today. The president said several times during his speech: “We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change, and the last one to be able to do anything about it.” The New York Times called the plan “the strongest action ever taken in the United States to combat climate change”. The Washington Post points out that taking the Clean Power Plan this far has been an uphill political battle, and that it may face legal challenges in the future.

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