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high solar panel prices in the u.s.

Why is solar more expensive in the US than in other countries?

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The cost of solar has plummeted in the US over the last five years. With solar prices dropping below $3 per Watt for residential solar shoppers, the industry has hit a very important and impressive milestone. However, the cost of solar in the US remains higher than the cost in other countries, most notably Australia. But just how much less expensive is solar in Australia, and is it possible for the US to slash solar costs even further?

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Solar news: Tesla plans Australian “virtual power plant,” scientists make an organic solar cell breakthrough

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tesla powerwall australia

In this week’s Solar News Roundup, we take a look at an ambitious new project from Elon Musk and Tesla, as well as a report from a Berkeley lab on the potential future of high-efficiency organic solar cells.

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Solar news: Florida boosts their solar market with new legislation, utility-scale solar at record low, ‘solar paint’ compound revealed

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florida solar panels

In a week of breakthroughs for solar, utility-scale solar prices hit all-time lows and researchers in Australia confirmed a new ‘solar paint’ compound. These developments, in addition to the signing of a popular pro-solar bill in Florida, are the headlines from this week’s Solar News Report.

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Solar Energy News: Solar Now Disrupting Wearable Tech, Scientists Shatter World Record for Solar Cell Efficiency

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wearable solar technology 2017

A number of interesting developments emerged this week in the space of technical innovation and environmental protection with one common theme: solar. Solar’s momentum is as strong as ever now that wearable solar batteries do not need to be charged, NREL has forecasted $400 billion in environmental benefits from solar and Nevada homeowners may receive net-metering protection.

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