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Shopping for Solar Panel System: Don’t Just Focus on Dollars per Watt

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When shopping for solar photovoltaic (also known as solar panel, solar electric) systems, many businesses and homeowners focus mainly on price. To that end, dollars per watt is a key metric when comparing quotes because it allows the consumer to adjust for differences in system size. While price is certainly an important factor, maximizing the value of your investment both financially and environmentally, involves consideration of several other, equally important factors. Here are some that we think are vital to making the right decision about your solar panel system.  Continue reading

EnergySage Hosts a FREE Local Event on “A Homeowners Guide to Investing in Solar Panels and Other Renewable Energy”

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Free Information Session On Solar Systems

EnergySage, the authoritative resource on solar panel systems and other clean energy solutions for residential and commercial properties is hosting a Free local event for residential property owners. The event, located at EnergySage Headquarters in Cambridge MA, will be led by Chris Williams, a veteran installer in a broad range of clean energy technologies and thought leader in clean energy technology installation quality and public policy development. Mr. Williams will provide homeowners with practical insight into several common clean energy technologies, including Solar Photovoltaic PV systems, Solar Hot Water and Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump technologies used to heat and cool your home. For more information about this October 25th event and to register, Continue reading

Should You Cut Down Trees to Improve Solar Panel Performance?

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The environmental benefits of solar power are often quantified in terms of an equivalent number of trees planted. Ironically, maximizing those benefits may involve cutting down trees. Does it ever make sense to sacrifice a tree for the greater good? Sometimes, the answer is “yes.” It’s not always an easy decision, so here’s some information that may help you decide if that’s the right way to go.

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Going Solar with No Money Down – Part 2

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Solar Lease/PPA vs Viridian vs EverSource Green

In Part 1 of Going Solar with No Money Down we introduced four ways to power your home with renewable energy for little or no upfront costs: solar leases, solar power purchase agreements (PPAs), Viridian Energy, and EverSource Green. So, now that you know what your options are, let’s weigh them against one another to see how they measure up. Continue reading

Going Solar with No Money Down – Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Solar Lease/PPA vs Viridian vs NSTAR Green

People may think that there is hassle involved in “going green”—that it is too complicated or too expensive or takes too much time to figure out what the best option would be. Actually, solar power can quite competitive with traditional grid-supplied power and adopting it is now easier than ever. This article outlines some of the opportunities that exist for you to receive some or all of your electricity from solar or other renewable sources with little or no upfront investment [money down]. The first two options involve generating your own electricity via a solar PV system installed at your home or business. Options 3 and 4 represent opportunities to use clean energy for all or some of your electricity needs without buying or maintaining a system of your own. Part 1 tells you what your options are. Part 2 will outline the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

Timing Is Everything: When to Start Researching Your Clean Energy Options

Reading Time: 2 minutesEven though a pretty powerful V.I.P. had his back, Noah didn’t wait for the rain to start falling before he started planning his ark. After all, timing is everything, and it’s always good to be ahead of the game. The same holds true when you’re thinking about switching to a clean energy system.

While you might not be ready to buy right away, it’s still in your best interest to begin your research process sooner rather than later. Here’s why: Continue reading